Neuromuscular Diseases

Publisher: “ABV-press” publishing house

Information about modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases as well as other actual issues of neurology. Lectures, reviews, discussion articles, outcomes of original studies, practical cases, and recommendations for the use of modern algorithms of diagnostics and treatment, experience of application of drugs, report of significant events in the field of neuromuscular diseases and general neurology as well as history pages.

ISSN 2222-8721

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TitleNeuromuscular Diseases
Publisher“ABV-press” publishing house
ISSN print 2222-8721

The journal named "Neuromuscular Diseases" has been issued since 2011. The creation of the journal was associated with the need for development of unified algorithms of monitoring of patients and raising the awareness of practicing physicists, researchers, managers of health care in the field of neuromuscular pathology. 

This field of medicine is rapidly developing and is joining more and more various specializations, such as neurologists, geneticists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, internists, endocrinologists, professionals in instrumental diagnostics (ultrasound, X-ray methods, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.), rehabilitation specialists, psychologists, specialists in palliative care, social structures.

In connection with this, a coordinated and legally arranged work of all links that are involved into monitoring of such category of patients based upon the experience of leading native and foreign clinics is required. One of the ways of implementation of this task is publication of modern global and Russian algorithms of diagnostics, treatment, social aid to patients that suffer from neuromuscular pathology.

The vastness and complexity of this field of medicine, as well as the deficiency of specialized literature at the domestic market as compared to the world level, create high demand for the "Neuromuscular Diseases" journal among a wide range of specialists.