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no-img_eng.gif Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics 10-04-2006 Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics gathers information from over 70 research centers worldwide from more than 100 series of working papers. The database is a great "point of access fo...
no-img_eng.gif Acta Numerica
no-img_eng.gif Africa
no-img_eng.gif Africa Bibliography
no-img_eng.gif Ageing and Society
no-img_eng.gif AIEDAM: Artificial Intelligence for Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing
no-img_eng.gif AJS Review
no-img_eng.gif American Journal of Alternative Agriculture
no-img_eng.gif American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures
no-img_eng.gif Ancient Mesoamerica
no-img_eng.gif Anglo-Saxon England
no-img_eng.gif Animal Genetic Resources Information
no-img_eng.gif Animal Production
no-img_eng.gif Animal Science
no-img_eng.gif Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 03-15-1995 The ARAL is unique in this section since it is only published once a year. Each issue is devoted to a particular theme which for one volume was "Issues in Second Language Teaching and Learn...
no-img_eng.gif Applied Psycholinguistics
no-img_eng.gif Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
no-img_eng.gif Archaeologia
no-img_eng.gif Archaeological Dialogues
no-img_eng.gif Archaeological Reports
no-img_eng.gif Architectural Research Quarterly
no-img_eng.gif Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing
no-img_eng.gif Artificial Intelligence for Engineering, Design, Analysis and Manufacturing
no-img_eng.gif Austrian History Yearbook
no-img_eng.gif B.A.B.P. bulletin
no-img_eng.gif Behavioral and Brain Sciences 01-16-2013 This Cambridge online publication is an international journal of current scholarly research in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, and cognitive science. In addition to research a...
no-img_eng.gif Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy
no-img_eng.gif Behavioural Psychotherapy
no-img_eng.gif Bird Conservation International
no-img_eng.gif Britannia Publishes articles on all aspects of Romano-British studies; includes survey of Romano-British excavations.
no-img_eng.gif British Journal of Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing
no-img_eng.gif British Journal of International Studies
no-img_eng.gif British Journal of Music Education 03-15-1995 The British Journal of Music Education publishes articles that show evidence of careful and critical enquiry and that are of interest to music teachers. The journal covers classroom music t...
no-img_eng.gif British Journal of Nutrition
no-img_eng.gif British Journal of Political Science 01-16-2013 This journal covers all areas of political science, "including political theory, political behaviour, public policy[,] and international relations," and related disciplines such as "sociolo...
no-img_eng.gif Browning Institute Studies
no-img_eng.gif BSAP Occasional Publication
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin International des Societes de la Croix-Rouge
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin of Entomological Research 01-16-2013 A longstanding title focused on applied entomology, this British journal is a leader in the field. Contains mainly original research papers on "insects, mites, ticks or other arthropods of ...
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin of the British Association for American Studies
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin of the British Society for the History of Science
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin of the International Institute of Social History
no-img_eng.gif Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
no-img_eng.gif Business History Review
no-img_eng.gif Cambridge Archaeological Journal
no-img_eng.gif Cambridge Opera Journal
no-img_eng.gif Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 10-04-2006 One of the most important titles in the field, the Cambridge Quarterly is a scholarly journal designed to meet the needs of health care decision-makers and institutional bioethics committee...
no-img_eng.gif Camden Fifth Series
no-img_eng.gif Camden Fourth Series
no-img_eng.gif Camden New Series
no-img_eng.gif Camden Old Series
no-img_eng.gif Camden Third Series
no-img_eng.gif Canadian Journal of Political Science 03-09-2010 Sponsored by the Canadian Political Science Association, The Canadian Journal of Political Science publishes articles, notes, commentaries, and book reviews in English and in French, in al...
no-img_eng.gif Canadian Journal on Aging / La Revue canadienne du vieillissement
no-img_eng.gif Cardiology in the Young
no-img_eng.gif Central European History
no-img_eng.gif Church History
no-img_eng.gif Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture
no-img_eng.gif Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
no-img_eng.gif Comparative Studies in Society and History
no-img_eng.gif Contemporary European History
no-img_eng.gif Continuity and Change 02-01-2011 This is a peer-reviewed journal with scholarship in the field of historical sociology, with a focus on comparative studies over a broad range of cultures and time spans. It also draws from...
no-img_eng.gif Development and Psychopathology
no-img_eng.gif Dialogue
no-img_eng.gif Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Association
no-img_eng.gif Early Music History
no-img_eng.gif Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
no-img_eng.gif Ecclesiastical Law Journal
no-img_eng.gif Econometric Theory
no-img_eng.gif Economics and Philosophy
no-img_eng.gif Edinburgh Journal of Botany Covers plant systematic and related areas of biodiversity, conservation, and phytogeography in southwest Asia and the Himalayas, as well as elsewhere throughout the world.
no-img_eng.gif Edinburgh Mathematical Notes
no-img_eng.gif English Language and Linguistics
no-img_eng.gif English Today 03-22-2007 English Today is distinguished from other linguistic journals by involving its readers in debates and discussions about British, American, and other "Englishes"; boasting a diverse set of r...
no-img_eng.gif Environment and Development Economics
no-img_eng.gif Environmental Conservation 01-16-2013 A peer-reviewed, academic journal, Environmental Conservation has an international scope. It includes brief "Comments," lengthier "Papers," and book reviews. Articles span a broad range of ...
no-img_eng.gif Environmental Practice
no-img_eng.gif Epidemiologia e Psichiatria Sociale
no-img_eng.gif Epidemiology and Infection
no-img_eng.gif Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
no-img_eng.gif Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
no-img_eng.gif Ethics & International Affairs
no-img_eng.gif European Business Organization Law Review
no-img_eng.gif European Journal of Applied Mathematics Focuses on applied mathematics with real-world applications, as well as the development of theoretical methods.
no-img_eng.gif European Journal of Sociology
no-img_eng.gif European Review
no-img_eng.gif Experimental Agriculture
no-img_eng.gif Fetal and Maternal Medicine Review
no-img_eng.gif Financial History Review
no-img_eng.gif Foreign Policy Bulletin 11-15-1997 The Foreign Policy Bulletin provides primary source materials for students and others doing research on U.S. foreign policy. It provides texts of major speeches: official statements of even...
no-img_eng.gif Foreign Policy Bulletin: The Documentary Record of United States Foreign Policy
no-img_eng.gif Genetical Research
no-img_eng.gif Genetics Research
no-img_eng.gif Geological Magazine
no-img_eng.gif Glasgow Mathematical Journal
no-img_eng.gif Greece and Rome
no-img_eng.gif Harvard Theological Review
no-img_eng.gif History of Economics Society Bulletin