Islam in the modern world

Islam in the modern world

Publisher: Medina Publishing Ltd.

Peer-reviewed academic journal Islam in the modern world is published since 2005. Published quarterly.

The journal is in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, formed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and put in force on 1 December 2015, where major scientific results of dissertations for academic degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences are to be published in the fields of sciences according to the Nomenclature of Academic Specializations that grant academic degrees:

07.00.00 Historical Sciences and Archaeology,

23.00.00 Political Sciences,

26.00.01 Theology.

Islam in the modern world promotes an academic and critical examination of the history and contemporary philosophical, political, social and cultural aspects of Muslim societies. Islam in the modern world actively engages theoretical and empirical studies and by so doing promotes a critical understanding of the complex nature of ideas, values, social configurations and material realities of events associated with the development of Islam and Muslim societies. Islam in the modern world provides a forum for the interdisciplinary examination of diverse issues based on solid research and critical readings of developments in the modern world.

Islam in the modern world is subject to a peer review process.

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TitleIslam in the modern world
PublisherMedina Publishing Ltd.
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The journal exists since 2005. Within a decade, a great number of scholarly articles of prominent Russian and foreign scholars has been published in the journal aimed at an in-depth coverage of political, economic and cultural processes unfolded in the Muslim world heavily influenced by globalization. The founders of the edition offer the specialists dealing with the Muslim community at different levels, from local to global, an opportunity to express freely and fully their views. The journal has been publishing articles on the specifics of Muslim communities’ evolution in the countries, where Islam is a non-state religion, their institutional characteristics, the mechanisms of interaction with non-Muslim residents and governmental institutions. Considerable significance is attached to the study of the influence of Islamic cultural heritage on the development of Russian and European cultures, as well as the world’s other regional cultures. The analysis of international politics in Islamic countries and the activities of international regional and cross-regional governmental and non-governmental organizations is an inalienable part of the journal’s inquiry. This includes such organizations as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, etc.  The scholarly articles published in the compendium are commented within the scope of the same edition by the leaders of the Russian Muslim community, theologians and governmental officials. 

Frequency4 issues per year
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