Biotechnologia Acta

Biotechnologia Acta

Publisher: Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

“Biotechnologia Acta” is the first and unique Academic journal in Ukraine in the scope of biotechnology. Thematic scope of the journal is following: molecular biotechnology, nanobiotechnology, immunobiotechnology,  biosensorics and molecular diagnostics,  technology of biologically active substances obtaining,  biotechnology of transgenic organisms,  biotechnology for food obtaining and food contaminants,  stem cells and gene therapy,  biotechnology and health,  biotech instruments and industrial equipment,  agrobiotechnology,  biodegradation and recycling, legal and ethical aspects of biotechnology.

The journal has its own site: There are following items in the “Biotechnologia Acta” journal: reviews, experimental articles, methods, short messages and reports, current events on biotechnology. Articles in the journal are published in English; the summaries are available in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Basic requirements to the articls are novelty and validity of the given facts, reproducibility of the experimental results, statistical data processing. The publishing portfolio is formed by 3-5 months in advance. Before being approved by the editorial staff, all the articles are underwent to blind review of two or more outer reviewers followed by science editorial treatment. Our authors are not only from Ukraine but we have published articles from Russia, USA, Australia, Germany, Poland, Uzbekistan, India, Iran, Nigeria, and Mongolia.

The edition is in the following databases: CrossRev, PresPoint, EBSCO, Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library, Chemical Abstracts Service, Google Scholar, e-libriary (Russian Indexing), Cyberleninka, Ukrainian review journal, Reference journal “Джерело”, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

ISSN 2410-7751

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TitleBiotechnologia Acta
Title in latinBiotechnologia Acta
PublisherPalladin Institute of Biochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
ISSN print2410-7751
ISSN electronic2410-776X

The journal was founded in 2005, registered under “Біотехнологія” name, ISSN 1995-5537.  It was renamed in 2013, КВ No 19650-9450ПР series at 01.30.2013, as “Biotechnologia Acta”, the official abbreviation is Biotechnol. Acta, from No1, 2008 to No6, 2012 it is transliterated as Biotekhnolohiia. Beginning from №1, 2015, ISSN was registered as ISSN 2410-7751 (print version) and ISSN  2410-776X (Online). “Biotechnologia Acta” is issued bimonthly, publication is fee. The format of ‘Biotechnologia Acta’ corresponds to the international standards.  DOI of the journal is 10.15407(biotech). All the published articles have DOI. The articles are published in English and have identical summaries in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

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