Oncological Coloproctology

Publisher: “ABV-press” publishing house

Scientific and practical reviewed journal

Scientific directions of the journal are state-of-art opportunities in diagnostics of colorectal cancer. screening and prevention of colon cancer, surgical treatment aspects of colon and colorectal cancer, variants of combined and complex treatment, variants of chemotherapy of colorectal cancer. Issues of pathomorphology, endoscopy, interesting clinical observations. The journal displays the state-of-art concept of high-tech care for patients with colon cancer, as well as minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedures. Reports and announcements of scientific forums in the field of oncological coloproctology are published.

ISSN 2220-3478

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TitleOncological Coloproctology
Publisher“ABV-press” publishing house
ISSN print2220-3478

The "Oncological Coloproctology" journal was founded in 2010 by by the initiative group of members of the board of the Society of Professionals in Oncological Coloproctology for the purpose of improvement of quality of continuous medical education of doctors that work in this field as well as for creation of the information site of a public organization.

MD, professor Yuri Andreyevich Barsukov was elected Chief Editor of the journal. Leading professionals in the field of oncology, coloproctology, radiology, pathomorphology, endoscopy from various regions of Russia as well as from the countries of the CIS were invited to the editorial board of the journal.

The first issue of the journal was issued in spring 2011, its issue was associated with the conference devoted to the memory of professor V.I. Knysh. Since then, the journal has been issued quarterly.