Reports on Progress in Physics

01-16-2013 Reports on Progress in Physics publishes review articles in all subdisciplines of physics. Articles combine a critical evaluation of the field with a reliable and accessible introduction to the topic, making the articles accessible to a wider scientific community. As with all review journals, its articles tend to be very long, often over 100 pages. Topics include condensed matter and materials; soft matter and biological physics; atomic molecular and optical physics; astrophysics and cosmology; nuclear and particle physics; earth science; and general physics. In addition to full-length review articles, the journal also publishes two types of more speculative articles. The section "Reports on Progress" provides an accurate and well-organized presentation of the present status of research results, even if these results and their interpretation are not in universal accord. "Key Issues Reviews" highlights critical questions in a line of physics research that continues to develop, where important advances are widely acknowledged, but whose ultimate significance and goals have not yet been realized or are in dispute. This journal does not review papers submitted by potential authors; rather, all of the articles are invited by the editors from distinguished researchers in the field. This journal is similar in scope to Contemporary Physics and Physics Reports (see above). College libraries should subscribe to at least one of these titles, and research libraries will probably wish to get all three. (Tyckoson, David A.)

ISSN 0034-4885

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Название журнала Reports on Progress in Physics
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