International Journal of General Systems

Издатель:  Taylor & Francis
03-15-2000 International Journal of General Systems styles itself as "a comprehensive periodical devoted to general systems methodology, applications and education." The greater stress of this "interdisciplinary periodical" is laid on "original research and educational contributions relevant to general systems." The useful contents of this journal include expository introductions to subjects, as well as overview articles, reviews, scholarly notes, bibliographies, letters to the editor, and calendars of general-systems meetings. In addition to foundations of general systems, a variety of disciplinary methods are covered: "science, technology, humanities and the arts, general systems philosophy, and general systems education." Topics of particular interest within disciplines include "principles of modeling and simulation, identification, general principles of experimentation, problems associated with extremely complex systems, and studies concerned with various classes of systems, such as self-organizing adaptive, self-producing, fuzzy, and hierarchical." Undergirding most articles is the notion that parenting, offspring, and sibling systems often strive toward a balance between solidarity and single authenticity. "Fred R. MacFadden, Jr."

ISSN 0308-1079

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Название журнала International Journal of General Systems
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