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no-img_eng.gif Gender & Development
no-img_eng.gif Geocarto International
no-img_eng.gif Geologiska Föreningen i Stockholm Förhandlingar
no-img_eng.gif Geomicrobiology Journal Explores the geologic impact of microbial transformations of materials that make up the Earth's crust, oceans, sea lakes, bottom sediments, soils, mineral deposits, and rocks.
no-img_eng.gif Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
no-img_eng.gif Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
no-img_eng.gif Geopolitics and International Boundaries
no-img_eng.gif Geoscience and Man
no-img_eng.gif German Politics
no-img_eng.gif Gerontology & Geriatrics Education
no-img_eng.gif GFF
no-img_eng.gif Giornale botanico italiano
no-img_eng.gif Global Society
no-img_eng.gif Grana Presents original articles, mainly on theoretical palynology.
no-img_eng.gif Grana Palynologica
no-img_eng.gif Heat Transfer Engineering
no-img_eng.gif High Pressure Research
no-img_eng.gif Historical Biology 02-01-2011 Historical Biology is an international outlet for high-quality papers in systematics and evolutionary trends within animal and plant groups that have both living and fossil representatives....
no-img_eng.gif Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal
no-img_eng.gif Human Dimensions of Wildlife Provides an open forum for discussing topics related to the human component of key wildlife management issues. Includes empirical findings about the utility of human dimensions information in wildlife...
no-img_eng.gif Human Performance
no-img_eng.gif Human–Computer Interaction
no-img_eng.gif Hydrological Sciences Bulletin
no-img_eng.gif Hydrological Sciences Journal
no-img_eng.gif I V H S Journal
no-img_eng.gif Ichnos Promotes research on ichnologic with primary emphases center upon the ethologic and ecologic significance of tracemaking organisms; organism-substrate interrelationships; and the role of biogenic proc...
no-img_eng.gif IIE Transactions
no-img_eng.gif Indonesia Circle. School of Oriental & African Studies. Newsletter
no-img_eng.gif Information Systems Management
no-img_eng.gif Information Systems Security
no-img_eng.gif Information Technology for Development
no-img_eng.gif Inscape
no-img_eng.gif Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Journal
no-img_eng.gif Instrumentation Science & Technology
no-img_eng.gif Integral Transforms and Special Functions
no-img_eng.gif Integrated Ferroelectrics
no-img_eng.gif International Association of Scientific Hydrology. Bulletin
no-img_eng.gif International Economic Journal
no-img_eng.gif International Forum of Psychoanalysis
no-img_eng.gif International Geology Review
no-img_eng.gif International Interactions
no-img_eng.gif International Journal for the Psychology of Religion
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Acarology Publishes original research work on a wide variety of acarological subjects including mite and tick behavior, biochemistry, biology, control, ecology, evolution, morphology, physiology, systematics an...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics Publishes advances in the field of fluid dynamics for the aeronautics, astronautics, astrophysics, environmental, hydrodynamics, and power and process fields.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Presents papers related to CIM in a wide variety of manufacturing environments: mechanical, electronic, process and automotive.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Computer Mathematics Research papers on the theory and development of programming languages and their translators.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Control 01-16-2013 The it;International Journal of Control publishes peer-reviewed papers in all areas, both established and emerging, of control theory and its applications. The primary audience for this pub...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Crashworthiness Covers all matters relating to crashworthiness of road and rail vehicles, air- and spacecraft, ships and submarines, on- and offshore installations.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Electronics 01-16-2013 International Journal of Electronics originates in the United Kingdom and publishes articles in these topic areas of electronics: solid state, power, analogue, RF and microwave, and digital...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry Covers the development of new analytical methods or improvement of existing ones useful for the control and investigation of pollutants or trace amounts of naturally occurring active chemicals in all ...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Environmental Health Research 03-15-1995 Published in association with the International Federation of Environmental Health, this journal covers a broad range of research on "the interaction of the environment with human health"-w...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Family Counseling
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of General Systems 03-15-2000 International Journal of General Systems styles itself as "a comprehensive periodical devoted to general systems methodology, applications and education." The greater stress of this "interd...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Geographical Information Systems
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction Addresses the cognitive, social, health, and ergonomic aspects of interactive computing.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology Provides a medium by which a wide range of experience in mathematical education can be presented, assimilated, and eventually adapted to everyday needs in schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Pest Management Covers all spheres of pre- and postharvest pest management, vector-borne diseases and public health, and the relationship of pest management to the wider aspects of farming systems and rural developme...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Pest Management: Part A
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Pest Management: Part B
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Pest Management: Part C
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization Publishes original contributions and reviews on studies, methodologies, instrumentation, and applications involving the analysis and characterization of polymers and polymeric-based materials, includi...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Polymeric Materials
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Production Research 01-12-2012 This peer-reviewed journal of the International Foundation for Production Research publishes production and manufacturing research. One of the unique features of this publication is its amb...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Psychology
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Public Administration Presents a forum for academicians and practitioners in management and administration to share theoretical issues as well as applications of concepts and theories.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Remote Sensing 01-16-2013 This is the official journal of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society. It is a research journal, and its focus is on the science and technology of remote sensing and its application...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Solar Energy
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Systems Science 03-15-2000 This publication should appeal particularly to those involved in the "theory and practice of mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization, and control in relation to biological, economic...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of the Economics of Business
no-img_eng.gif International Review of Applied Economics
no-img_eng.gif International Reviews in Physical Chemistry
no-img_eng.gif Inverse Problems in Engineering
no-img_eng.gif Iranian Studies
no-img_eng.gif Irish Political Studies
no-img_eng.gif Irish Studies Review
no-img_eng.gif Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations
no-img_eng.gif Isotopenpraxis Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies
no-img_eng.gif Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies
no-img_eng.gif Israel Affairs
no-img_eng.gif Italian Journal of Zoology Features articles in the fields of protozoan and animal biology.
no-img_eng.gif ITS Journal - Intelligent Transportation Systems Journal
no-img_eng.gif Japan Forum
no-img_eng.gif Japanese Studies
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Aging & Social Policy
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Agricultural & Food Information Provides a forum for the communication of research, innovative practice, and informed opinion on all aspects of agricultural and food information.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Agromedicine
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Analytic Social Work
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Applied Animal Research Publishes original research work on all aspects of biological sciences applied to domestic and wild animals.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Applied Aquaculture 01-16-2013 Published quarterly, this journal contains refereed papers focused on the domestication, breeding, and care of aquatic plants and animals. The articles in Journal of Applied Aquaculture are...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Applied Statistics
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 01-16-2013 A publication of the American Fisheries Society, this journal includes research articles and communications related to the health of marine and freshwater aquatic life. Published quarterly,...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology Disseminates international scientific information on aquatic food products.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Area Studies
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Area Studies Series 1
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Asia-Pacific Business