Journal of Aging and Health

Издатель:  Sage Publications, Inc.
01-16-2013 Ranked 12th by Thomson Reuters for January;b2February 2011, in the field of gerontology. This international, peer-reviewed journal covers a wide range of topics related to health and aging;b1for example, diet and nutrition, long-term care, mental health, disease prevention, and health-care services. These topics are examined from the perspective of various disciplines: psychology, medicine, sociology, demography, and social work, to name just a few. Most of the eight or nine articles per issue report on original research (based on newly conducted research or secondary data analysis), but occasional review or methodological articles appear, as well. Recent articles include "Trajectories of Social Engagement and Mortality in Late Life," "The Influence of Community and Built Environment on Physical Activity," and "Body Mass Index and Long-Term Mortality in an Elderly Mediterranean Population." This journal provides broad coverage of gerontology and is appropriate for all academic libraries. (Markley, Patricia)

ISSN 0898-2643

Изд. данные Содержание Доступность Редколлегия НЭИКОН
Название журнала Journal of Aging and Health
Подзаголовок an interdisciplinary research forum
Аббревиатура наименования JAHEEG
Страна United States
Издатель Sage Publications, Inc.
Первый год издания 1989
Формат публикации Print
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