Intervention in School and Clinic

Издатель:  Sage Publications, Inc.
03-11-2008 This practitioner-oriented publication is designed to provide practical, research-based ideas to those who work with students having severe learning disabilities or emotional/behavioral problems and for whom typical classroom instruction is not effective. Issues usually include four main articles. Topics frequently deal with assessment, curriculum, instructional techniques, management, social interventions, and vocational issues. Recent articles are "Creating School-Wide Conditions for High-Quality Learning Strategy Classroom Instruction," "Improving Educational Prospects for Youth in Foster Care: The Education Liaison Model," and " Aligning Assessments with State Curriculum Standards and Teaching Strategies." Regular columns are "20 Ways to;b3," a brief listing of 20 techniques related to a specific theme; "What Works for Me," suggestions from practitioners on effective instructional strategies; and "Conference Dateline," a list of various upcoming conferences. Recent issues include "20 Ways to Eliminate Bullying in Your Classroom" and "What Works for Me;b1Integrated Processing: A Strategy for Working Out Unknown Words." Highly recommended for libraries that serve teachers, administrators, and teacher educators. (Naylor, Sharon)

ISSN 1053-4512

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Название журнала Intervention in School and Clinic
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Издатель Sage Publications, Inc.
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