Homicide Studies

Издатель:  Sage Publications, Inc.
01-16-2013 Homicide Studies: An Interdisciplinary & International Journal is a quarterly publication of the Homicide Research Working Group, which was organized in 1991 at the American Society of Criminology meeting. The Group saw its mission as interdisciplinary and international;b1much broader than just American criminology. Its goal, and the focus of the journal, is "to forge links between research, epidemiology, and practical programs to reduce levels of mortality from violence." The first issue of Homicide Studies appeared in 1997. Each issue contains four to seven articles; some include commentaries, responses to research articles, and book reviews. Examples of topics covered in recent articles are homicide recidivism, homicides associated with sexual violence, and prostitutes as victims of serial killers. Authors are academics, professionals, and policy experts from the fields of criminology, sociology, public health, anthropology, social work, and more. A good choice for academic and special libraries concerned with homicide crimes and policy. Available in print and online. URL: (Metcalf, Susan)

ISSN 1088-7679

Изд. данные Содержание Доступность Редколлегия НЭИКОН
Название журнала Homicide Studies
Подзаголовок an interdisciplinary & international journal
Страна United States
Издатель Sage Publications, Inc.
Первый год издания 1997
Формат публикации Print
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