Feminism & Psychology

Издатель:  Sage Publications Ltd.
01-16-2013 This Sage online journal publishes articles on feminist theory and the practice of psychology, and on a wide range of concerns relating to women. While the journal fosters the development of feminist theory, it presents work from both academic and applied realms. It claims to be the "leading international forum for cutting-edge feminist research and debate in and beyond psychology." It publishes papers that are theoretical or empirical, encourages dialog and debate, and presents work that integrates research, practice, and broader social issues and under-represented concerns. Reviews, interviews, and special topic issues frequently appear. Recent issues have looked at: the historical and present possibilities of lesbian feminism; poor women, the expression of shame and anger, and the price of breaking social class feeling rules; body politicking and the phenomenon of "passing"; lads' mags, young men's attitudes toward women, and acceptance of myths about sexual aggression; resisting the Catholic Church's notion of the nun as a self-sacrificing woman; feminist veganism; discourses of friendship between heterosexual women and gay men: mythical norms and an absence of desire; methodological insights from researching "heterosexual casual sex" and the benefits of ambiguity; and pro-anorexia, binge-drinking, and damaging ideals or resistant femininities. This is a core psychology journal that is important for Women's Studies programs. (Woolums, Jill)

ISSN 0959-3535

Изд. данные Содержание Доступность Редколлегия НЭИКОН
Название журнала Feminism & Psychology
Подзаголовок an international journal
Аббревиатура наименования FEPSFF
Страна United Kingdom
Издатель Sage Publications Ltd.
Первый год издания 1991
Формат публикации Print
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