Criminal Justice Policy Review

Издатель:  Sage Publications, Inc.
01-16-2013 Criminal Justice Policy Review (CJPR) was first published in 1986 by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania's criminology department. It is now published by Sage, but the current editor remains associated with that university. The editorial introduction to the first issue stated: "Because criminal justice policy is studied by scholars, debated by politicians, enacted into law by legislators, executed by scores of functionaries, and is the focus of diverse commentary from a broad range of interests[,] the CJPR wishes to be the medium through which all of these perspectives can be presented." The articles reflect this broad mission, and include essays, research (quantitative and qualitative), commentary, and interviews. Contributors are primarily academics; however, professionals are encouraged to submit also;b1Mario Cuomo wrote an article in the first issue when he was the governor of New York. There are frequent special issues with guest editorials; recent ones covered the topics of: the geographic aspects of sex offender residency restrictions; the accountability movement in juvenile justice; and evaluating the implementation and impact of drug courts. This journal is highly recommended for academic and special libraries. It is available in print and online. URL: (Metcalf, Susan)

ISSN 0887-4034

Изд. данные Содержание Доступность Редколлегия НЭИКОН
Название журнала Criminal Justice Policy Review
Страна United States
Издатель Sage Publications, Inc.
Первый год издания 1986
Формат публикации Print
Статус Active