Applied Psychological Measurement

Издатель:  Sage Publications, Inc.
01-16-2013 This online journal publishes empirical research from educational, organizational, industrial, social, and clinical settings. It presents an international perspective and focuses on current techniques and cutting-edge methodologies to address measurement problems. The journal's contents include empirical articles, brief reports, computer program reviews, book reviews, and announcements. Special issues are regularly published to present the ideas of leading scholars and to address emerging, significant topics. Topics covered may include item response theory; test equations and linking; reliability theory and methods; measurement of change; algorithmic test construction; validity methodology; computerized adaptive testing; Rasch models; and generalizability theory and methods. Recent issues have addressed a latent class approach to estimating test-score reliability; a comparison of four methods of IRT subscoring; setting time limits on tests; a test-length correction to the estimation of extreme proficiency levels; a comparison of bias-correction adjustments for the DETECT procedure; diagnosis of subtraction bugs using Bayesian networks; and detecting halo effects in performance-based examinations. As one of the top journals in quantitative psychology, Applied Psychological Measurement should be included in academic and professional research collections. (Woolums, Jill)

ISSN 0146-6216

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Название журнала Applied Psychological Measurement
Страна United States
Издатель Sage Publications, Inc.
Первый год издания 1976
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