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no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Fireworks
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Fireworks: 2nd Edition
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Fragrances
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Fungi
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Medical and Dental Materials
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Paper
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of Polymers
no-img_eng.gif The Chemistry of the MoritaBaylisHillman Reaction
no-img_eng.gif The Comet Assay in Toxicology
no-img_eng.gif The Dictionary of Substances and their Effects Contains toxicological and environmental information on chemicals.
no-img_eng.gif The Faraday Society
no-img_eng.gif The final hurdle - a guide to a successful viva
no-img_eng.gif The Food Safety Hazard Guidebook
no-img_eng.gif The Food Safety Hazard Guidebook 2nd Edition
no-img_eng.gif The Future of Glycerol: 2nd Edition
no-img_eng.gif The Future of Glycerol: New Uses of a Versatile Raw Material
no-img_eng.gif The Gluten Proteins
no-img_eng.gif The Maillard Reaction
no-img_eng.gif The misuse of drugs act: A guide for forensic scientists
no-img_eng.gif The Molecular World: Elements of the p Block
no-img_eng.gif The Molecular World: Molecular Modelling and Bonding
no-img_eng.gif The Molecular World: Separation, Purification and Identification
no-img_eng.gif The Molecular World: The Third Dimension
no-img_eng.gif The Origin of Chirality in the Molecules of Life: A Revision from Awareness to the Current Theories and Perspectives of this Unsolved Problem
no-img_eng.gif The Role of Calcium and Comparable Cations in Animal Behaviour
no-img_eng.gif The Science of Bakery Products
no-img_eng.gif The Science of Chocolate
no-img_eng.gif The Science of Chocolate: 2nd Edition
no-img_eng.gif The Science of Ice Cream
no-img_eng.gif The Science of Sugar Confectionery
no-img_eng.gif The Significance of Faecal Indicators in Water: A Global Perspective
no-img_eng.gif The Sulfur Problem: Cleaning up Industrial Feedstocks
no-img_eng.gif The Water Framework Directive: Action Programmes and Adaptation to Climate Change
no-img_eng.gif Theoretical Chemistry
no-img_eng.gif Therapeutic Oligonucleotides
no-img_eng.gif Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Liquid Fuels and Chemicals
no-img_eng.gif Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
no-img_eng.gif Thin-Layer Chromatography
no-img_eng.gif Titanate and Titania Nanotubes: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
no-img_eng.gif Total Food: Sustainability of the AgriFood Chain
no-img_eng.gif Trace Analysis: A structured approach to obtaining reliable results
no-img_eng.gif Trace Analysis: A Structured Approach to Obtaining Reliable Results
no-img_eng.gif Trace Element Analysis of Food and Diet
no-img_eng.gif Trace Element Medicine and Chelation Therapy
no-img_eng.gif Trace Element Speciation for Environment, Food and Health
no-img_eng.gif Transport and the Environment
no-img_eng.gif Transportation Biofuels
no-img_eng.gif Turning Points in SolidState, Materials and Surface Science
no-img_eng.gif Understanding Batteries
no-img_eng.gif Understanding Our Environment: An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry and Pollution
no-img_eng.gif Unravelling Single Cell Genomics
no-img_eng.gif Uses of Inorganic Chemistry in Medicine
no-img_eng.gif UV Effects in Aquatic Organisms and Ecosystems
no-img_eng.gif Vacuum Technology Calculations in Chemistry
no-img_eng.gif Valid Analytical Methods and Procedures
no-img_eng.gif Validation of Chromatography Data Systems: Meeting Business and Regulatory Requirements
no-img_eng.gif Vibrationally Mediated Photodissociation
no-img_eng.gif Vitamin C Its Chemistry and Biochemistry
no-img_eng.gif Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
no-img_eng.gif Waste Incineration and the Environment
no-img_eng.gif Waste Treatment and Disposal
no-img_eng.gif Water Contamination Emergencies
no-img_eng.gif Water Contamination Emergencies. Can We Cope?
no-img_eng.gif Water Contamination Emergencies: Collective Responsibility
no-img_eng.gif Water Contamination Emergencies: Monitoring, Understanding and Acting
no-img_eng.gif Water System Science and Policy Interfacing
no-img_eng.gif Water: A Matrix of Life
no-img_eng.gif What is safe? The Risks of Living in a Nuclear Age
no-img_eng.gif Wheat Gluten
no-img_eng.gif Your chemical science thesis - an introductory guide to writing up your research project