Journal of African Economies

Издатель:  Oxford University Press
01-16-2013 This title is focused on an audience beyond academia. Valuable to consultants, policymakers, traders, financiers, development agents, and aid workers, this scholarly journal offers "rigorous economic analysis, focused entirely on Africa, for Africans and anyone interested in the continent." Tables, graphs, and data often accompany articles that cover theories on African fiscal and monetary policies, trade, agricultural labor, and production. Just a sample of the topics that recent issues offer are: the impact of European settlement within French west Africa; the determinants and macroeconomic impact of remittances in sub-Saharan Africa; and income shocks and corruption in Africa. Book reviews and annotated listings of recent working papers in developmental economics are featured in some issues. Online access is available to subscribers, and the site also offers the option to purchase individual articles for a fee. Free or reduced-cost online access is offered to institutions in developing countries. Highly recommended for academic libraries and economics collections. URL: (Kale, Esmeralda)

ISSN 0963-8024

Изд. данные Содержание Доступность Редколлегия НЭИКОН
Название журнала Journal of African Economies
Аббревиатура наименования JAFECO
Страна United Kingdom
Издатель Oxford University Press
Первый год издания 1992
Периодичность 671817 Marcel Fafchamps Oxford University Press Editor-In-Chief
Формат публикации Print
Статус Active