Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

Издатель:  Cambridge University Press
10-04-2006 One of the most important titles in the field, the Cambridge Quarterly is a scholarly journal designed to meet the needs of health care decision-makers and institutional bioethics committees. The journal responds specifically to the diverse needs of ethics committee members. Recent articles cover bioethics and defense, family-centered decision-making, and virtue and mentoring in the development of professionalism. Regular features include responses and dialogue, substantive book reviews, and noteworthy abstracts of important articles from other journals. The Cambridge Quarterly is highly recommended for academic health sciences libraries, large public libraries, and hospital libraries. (Marilee M. Creelan)

ISSN 0963-1801

Изд. данные Содержание Доступность Редколлегия НЭИКОН
Название журнала Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
Подзаголовок the international journal for healthcare ethics and ethics committees
Страна United Kingdom
Издатель Cambridge University Press
Первый год издания 1992
Формат публикации Print
Статус Active