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no-img_eng.gif International and Comparative Law Quarterly
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Cultural Property Covers cultural property policy, ethics, preservation, economics and law.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Middle East Studies 01-16-2013 The International Journal of Middle East Studies is published quarterly under the auspices of the Middle East Studies Association of North America and is peer-reviewed. This journal is avai...
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care Forum for professionals interested in the assessment of medical technology, its consequences for patients and its impact on society.
no-img_eng.gif International Journal of Tropical Insect Science Publishes original research articles, short communications, and review articles dealing with basic and applied tropical insect sciences. Advocates an ecologically sensitive approach to pest control, f...
no-img_eng.gif International Labor and Working Class History
no-img_eng.gif International Labor and Working-Class History
no-img_eng.gif International Organization
no-img_eng.gif International Review for Social History
no-img_eng.gif International Review of Poultry Science
no-img_eng.gif International Review of Social History 01-16-2013 For over 70 years, this journal has published much of the leading scholarship in social history. The International Institute for Social History, based in the Netherlands, sponsors the journ...
no-img_eng.gif International Review of the Red Cross Reflects on humanitarian policy and action, as well as international humanitarian law, with the aim of promoting dialogue between the ICRC and other relief organizations and individuals concerned with...
no-img_eng.gif Itinerario
no-img_eng.gif Journal of African Law 01-16-2013 For more than 50 years, the Journal of African Law has addressed the laws and legal issues of the entire sub-Saharan continent. Published by Cambridge University Press for the School of Ori...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of American Studies 01-16-2013 American Studies from an international perspective is the focus of this publication. U.S. literary works, politics, history, and economics are covered, as are art, music, film, and popular ...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Anglican Studies Covers history, theology, worship, ethics, scripture, canon law, aesthetics, education, any aspect that has a place in the tradition of Anglican faith and practice.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Biosocial Science Contains material dealing with the common ground between biology and sociology, including reproduction and its control, gerontology, ecology, genetic, applied psychology, sociology, education, crimino...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Child Language 03-22-2007 This journal presents general topics of interest to linguists (phonology, phonetics, morphology, syntax, vocabulary, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics) but focuses on scientific studi...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Dairy Research Research on all aspects of milk production and preservation, and fundamental effects of processing. Includes the composition of milk for several animal species.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Economic History
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 01-16-2013 Theoretical and empirical research on corporate finance, investments, financial markets, and related concepts are approached from a quantitative perspective in this academic journal. As art...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Fluid Mechanics 01-16-2013 Founded in 1956, this interdisciplinary journal exists for the publication of theoretical, computational, and experimental investigations of all aspects of the mechanics of fluids. Issues c...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of French Language Studies 03-22-2007 This journal publishes, in English and French, both theoretical and descriptive studies on all aspects of French language and linguistics, including phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis, ap...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Functional Programming Covers new languages and extensions, reasoning, proof and program transformation, program synthesis, implementation techniques, type theory, and parallelism.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Germanic Linguistics 01-16-2013 This is the premier journal for the study of the Germanic languages, including English up to 1500, in the English-speaking world (English is the language of most articles, although those in...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Helminthology Provides an international vehicle for the publication of original papers and review articles on all aspects of pure and applied heminthology, particularly those helminth parasites of environmental hea...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Hygiene
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Latin American Studies 01-16-2013 The articles in JLAS chiefly focus on the social sciences, history, international relations, politics, indigenous peoples, and specific topics such as colonization/decolonization and land r...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Linguistics 01-16-2013 Published for the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (, this journal is strongly oriented toward the theoretical side of linguistics research. The journal favors no pa...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Materials Research Provides an international forum that encompasses physical, chemical, and engineering insights on advanced materials and processing techniques.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Mechanics
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Navigation Presents papers on every aspect of navigation - air, land, sea, and space - and papers on every type - scientific, historical, and narrative.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Plasma Physics 01-16-2013 Plasma physics is a branch of physics that has applications in a wide variety of fields, including astrophysics, fluids, and nuclear physics. This specialized journal publishes original-res...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Policy History Encourages interdisciplinary research into the origins and development of public policy in the U.S.A. and in other countries as well.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Public Policy Social scientists and policymakers analyze the problems facing contemporary governments in their social, economic and political contexts.
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Roman Studies 03-09-2010 This companion publication to the Journal of Hellenic Studies covers all aspects of Roman civilization. The primary emphasis is on history, although important work on archaeology and Latin ...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Social Policy 03-22-2007 This journal provides international coverage of public policy issues. Special emphasis is given to the future direction of social policy and to analyzing implementation issues involved wit...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Southeast Asian History
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 03-22-2007 This scholarly academic journal covers history, humanities, and social sciences in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the History of Economic Thought 03-15-1995 The Journal of the History of Economic Thought is published by the History of Economics Society. The board of editors is composed of university professors from the United States, Canada, Ge...
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the International Phonetic Association
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
no-img_eng.gif Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland
no-img_eng.gif Journal of Tropical Ecology Features papers on the ecology of tropical regions, original research and reviews.
no-img_eng.gif Kantian Review
no-img_eng.gif Language in Society
no-img_eng.gif Language Teaching
no-img_eng.gif Language Variation and Change
no-img_eng.gif Laser and Particle Beams
no-img_eng.gif Law and History Review
no-img_eng.gif Legal Information Management
no-img_eng.gif Legal Theory
no-img_eng.gif Leiden Journal of International Law Promotes the understanding of the principles and purposes of international law and to describe current developments.
no-img_eng.gif LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics
no-img_eng.gif Mathematical Notes
no-img_eng.gif Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
no-img_eng.gif Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
no-img_eng.gif Mathematika
no-img_eng.gif Modern Asian Studies
no-img_eng.gif MRS Bulletin
no-img_eng.gif MRS Proceedings
no-img_eng.gif Natural Language Engineering
no-img_eng.gif Netherlands International Law Review
no-img_eng.gif Netherlands Yearbook of International Law
no-img_eng.gif New Testament Studies
no-img_eng.gif New Theatre Quarterly
no-img_eng.gif Newsletter, European Labor and Working Class History
no-img_eng.gif Nordic Journal of Linguistics 03-22-2007 Published for the Nordic Association of Linguists (, this journal covers all branches of linguistics and focuses on Finnish, Greenlandic, and Saami lang...
no-img_eng.gif Nutrition Research Reviews
no-img_eng.gif Oryx Aims to provide a comprehensive view of the conservation of wild species of fauna and flora.
no-img_eng.gif Papers of the American Society of Church History
no-img_eng.gif Papers of the British School at Rome
no-img_eng.gif Parasitology
no-img_eng.gif Philosophy
no-img_eng.gif Phonology
no-img_eng.gif Plainsong and Medieval Music
no-img_eng.gif Polar Record
no-img_eng.gif Popular Music
no-img_eng.gif Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences
no-img_eng.gif Proceedings of the British Society of Animal Production (1972)
no-img_eng.gif Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
no-img_eng.gif Proceedings of the Glasgow Mathematical Association
no-img_eng.gif Proceedings of the Nutrition Society
no-img_eng.gif Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
no-img_eng.gif Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London
no-img_eng.gif Prospects 03-22-2007 This annual volume of essays combines research and critical works from many disciplines to explore aspects of American society and the American character. Each volume includes some 15 to 20...
no-img_eng.gif Psychological Medicine
no-img_eng.gif Psychological Medicine. Monograph Supplement
no-img_eng.gif Public Health Nutrition
no-img_eng.gif Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics Reviews recent progress and problems in biophysic and molecular biology.
no-img_eng.gif ReCALL
no-img_eng.gif Religious Studies 01-16-2013 Religious Studies is an international quarterly scholarly journal devoted to the study of the philosophy or religion, but it also includes articles about theological and ethical issues. RS ...
no-img_eng.gif Reproductive Medicine Review
no-img_eng.gif Review of International Studies 01-16-2013 As the official journal of the British International Studies Association, RIS is an interdisciplinary periodical that publishes articles related to politics, history, law, and sociology. Re...
no-img_eng.gif Reviews in Clinical Gerontology